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Walgreens 101

Register Rewards: A Register Reward (RR) is like a Walgreens coupon (or Walgreens cash) that can be redeemed for *almost anything in their store. There are some restrictions. In the Walgreens weekly ad you will find deals that give you RRs when you purchase the advertised item. RRs print out on a machine called a Catalina machine. It sits beside the register and prints out RRs when you buy your merchandise. It’s the same machine that prints coupons. The cashier will hand your RRs to you with your receipt at the end of your purchase. Some stores use rewards cards; RRs are Walgreens equivalent. There is a strategy to using RRs. Most are limited to one per purchase. RRs are NOT valid on the transaction that you receive them on. They are only valid on future purchases. If you go back to make a second transaction on the same product deal and use the RR that you received on the first deal (same product), you will NOT receive another RR. I use them on other RR purchases. Since they have an expiration date, keep track of them like your coupons so you don’t let them expire! You can use coupons when buying the products that give you RRs. Who knows, you might even make some money! Oh yeah, get your RRs before they sell out as they don’t give Rain Checks on them. They do give Rain Checks on other sale items.

Types of Coupons Walgreen will take: They take manufacturer (MFR) coupons and their store coupons (WAGS or SC). RRs are considered coupons and Walgreens only allows the same number (or less) of coupons as the number of items you’re buying. When you find yourself in a this situation, buy a “filler” item. A filler item is a very cheap item (a $.25 piece of candy) that allows the amount of items you have purchased to come up to the number of coupons. Once in a while you will need a “filler” item to bring the amount of your purchase up to the amount of your combined MFR Qs (coupons), WAGS Qs, and RRs. (i.e Lipton Tea WAGS Q purchase price $1.99, MFR Q $.50 off; RR $2.00 -- you need 2 "filler" items. ($1.99 - $.50 - $2.00 = -$.51 so your 2 "filler" items must cost more than $.51))  Final cost FREE tea bags!

Where to find WAGS Store Coupons: Their Weekly Ad (in store and online), their in store Booklet (these Qs are also online), Magazines. You can also sign up at www.walgreens.com to get coupons sent to your email. Sometimes they have kids coloring booklets that have coupons, sometimes they have seasonal booklets (found in the pharmacy with coupons), but each month they have a booklet that is good from the start to the end of the month. This booklet is either found at the front of the store or near the cashier. And take a look in the pharmacy for the Diabetes and You Magazine. It is a free publication.

*RRs cannot be used for alcohol, tobacco, prescriptions, and some other similar purchases.